Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Bye Bye Old KTM's

Flipping bicycles each year is totally second nature to me but flipping a dirt bike is a completely different ball game! After riding my 2008 KTM 250XCF for the past 3 years, I've decided to trade it in for a new model with linkage and fuel injection. It was pretty tough convincing me to do so because I absolutely LOVE this bike and honestly couldn't think of any reason to get a new one. The custom suspension is perfect, the bike runs like a charm and I'm finally starting to have lots of confidence while riding and racing it! However, I'm sure that I will love all the newer features and it will be nice to have the same model year as Bryce's bike so we can switch and swop parts when needed. I know it's silly, but the hardest part about giving this bike up is losing the sentimental value of it. Purchasing this bike from Bryce was responsible for creating our happiness and future together :) Yes, super sappy but very true.

Not  only did we decide to upgrade my ride, but we also decided to downsize our collection of motor bikes. Bryce had been holding on to the 450XCW I bought him in 2010 but it wasn't getting much use since our big trail rides are limited. We mutually agreed that it would be best to each have one bike that gets upgraded more often than keep multiple in the garage. So, as of today, we are down to Bryce's race bike and we're very much looking forward to picking up my new one this Saturday!

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