Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let the mountain bike racing begin!

After getting the van packed up with bicycles, coolers, gear, etc, we started the trip down to Pueblo Friday evening. Our friends, Ray and Emily, were super kind and let Bryce, Allen, Tony and myself crash at their place before Saturday's MTB race.

As usual, race morning came super early and it was a bit frantic trying to find a good breakfast place, get registered, park in the appropriate lot, etc.

Allen was the first to start so we did what we could to be sure he was ready to rock and roll. This was his first MTB race in many years so he was super excited!

I'm going to write a detailed race report this week but figured I'd show a few fun podium shots now. After a long and hard 44 miles of racing, I managed to slip into 3rd in the pro women and 4th overall for the day. With very little training, I'm really pleased how the day unfolded.

Bryce had a great race as well and finished 2nd in his class. He had a fun battle with the guy who won but had a little bonk at the end of the day which didn't allow him to hang on to that top position. Maybe he should start riding his bicycle 2 times a week instead of just once :)

Tony T finished 8th in his class and Allen rounded out the day with a 9th overall in the pro class in the full 66 mile race! 

Somehow we ended up bringing a bunch of champagne and beer back with us...I think Lynn and Derek had something to do with it! At any rate, it was so great to finally be back on the race scene and see all my favorite mountain bike friends. It's like a big family that never grows apart and it's something I honestly cannot live without :)


Elsbeth said...

Well done! I've been reading your blog for awhile (I just raced my first Olympic Distance tri) and am very inspired!
Keep up the great work- you're a badass!

Erin said...

Hi Elsbeth! Thanks for the kind words. Congrats on racing your first's an addictive sport :)

Enjoy a rockin' 2012 summer!

Bike Clothing said...

Indeed, let the racing begin! Bike races are so much fun!