Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Texas Weekend Race

We finally got the opportunity to take 'Big Black' (the van's new name), out for her first big road trip this past weekend! After and easy pack up, Bryce and I headed to Quitaque for the second round of the RMEC series. It was an easy drive and the best part was pulling into the race site around midnight, opening up the futon in the back, jumping in the sleeping bags and sleeping like babies! Bryce used the JetBoil to get my coffee ready in the morning and we enjoyed a peaceful early morning in the van while it dumped rain!

The reason we headed down so early was because I like to race the Grand Prix the day before the enduro and the women's race is always in the morning. Although it was 40 degrees and raining, I still wanted to give it a whirl since it wasn't too muddy yet. I had the most absolute horrible start but somehow pinned it and found myself pretty close to the front by the first corner in the trees. I eventually passed what I thought was the only girl in front of me and rode the rest of the race very conservatively as the course was getting super slick. I was riding right around some other kid that I had caught up to but since I figured he was in the race in front of me, I just let him crash, get up and go, and so fourth while I practiced my turns...I didn't have anything to lose because I knew all the other girls were quite a bit further back...WRONG! After we finished, I pulled off the course and the kid I let putz in right in front of me shouted in a cute little voice 'Great race Girl' heart sunk. I literally had just handed this girl the win...doh! As with most moto races, I learn a big lesson. This race's lesson was to race every freakin' person on the course, no matter who it is! I couldn't believe it and was sooo pissed. I'll never let that happen again!!!

Although Saturday's cold and rain weren't the most fun to hang out in, it couldn't have been more perfect for Sunday's race course. This race is usually very dusty so having a bit of moisture really makes a big difference. As a matter of fact, it was probably the best dirt and the most epic conditions I have EVER ridden in. The course was an absolute blast and I was smiles the entire time. When I left, I thought I had taken 3rd in the women's class behind 2 smokin' fast Texas girls, but turns out there was another girl just 20 seconds in front of me. Regardless of how I placed, I was super happy with how I rode and was within a few minutes of girls that were 30+ minutes ahead of me last year!

Bryce had a great race as well finishing 16th overall. For whatever reason, they made the A course much shorter this year so most of the guys were pretty bummed that it was over so quickly. However, for how much fun it was, most people were content to have had the opportunity to ride in such killer dirt :) We packed up, said our goodbyes and drove home in record time, even with a massive headwind. It makes such a huge difference driving a vehicle that is comfortable! Great weekend overall with lots of good laughs and all limbs intact!

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