Monday, March 26, 2012

Is this weather for real?!

As much as I'm absolutely LOVING this hot weather in March, I can't help but think about how hard we're going to get snowed on in April and possibly May. I could be totally wrong but I have a really bad feeling about it! In the meantime, I'll continue to ride several hours a day in the 70 degree goodness and just hope spring is here a tad early :) Spring usually brings cleaning and that's exactly what needed to happen with my cyclocross headset. I'm pretty sure that's mud from the USGP in Ft. Collins last October! Thanks to Bryce, I now have a creakless headset!

For the second weekend in a row, we were able to round up a great group of people to ride the dirt roads and double track in the high country. Unlike last weekend, we were joined by some of Boulder's fastest MTB riders so the pace wasn't exactly laid back. Riding my CX bike on Switzerland trail is definitely whipping me into shape so that my hartail 29er will feel like butter when I finally get it built up.

When you ride with the Torrances, snack time at the general food store in Gold Hill is not an option. Tony's need to hit on the cute girl that works there far outweighs anyone's desire to just keep moving :)

Jilayne and Zach also enjoyed a ham and cheese croissant before heading out on the rest of the adventure.

After a fun night of laughs and homemade pizzas with the crew, we met up with good friend, Eric Moberg, to watch the final motos of the Toronto Supercross back at our place. We hit the hay early so we could get an early start on riding Hall Ranch in the morning.

After getting beat up all day on Saturday on the CX bike, it felt soooo good to ride the 6in trail bike at Hall. This was also my first time riding in my new Pearl Izumi X-Alps and they were absolutely AMAZING! Not only did they honestly feel like tennis shoes, they were stiff enough to get good power off the pedal and the rubber sole was perfect for those unexpected dabs on the rocky climb. We finished off the big weekend with some moto at Berthoud where we did a few laps on the turn tracks then practiced jumping. We made some homemade stirfry and chocolate chip cookies to top off the day then had a great relaxing evening. We have a big week of bicycling and moto racing planned and I've got a bit of a chest cold coming on so it's operation get healthy NOW time!

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