Monday, March 19, 2012

A BIG bike weekend


I've been gradually building up my bicycle fitness over the past 2 months and I finally broke the 3hr mark on Saturday! We planned on riding up to Gold Hill via the dirt roads and had a big group of friends on cyclocross and mountain bikes. It was an absolute blast and a great way to spend a 75 degree mid March day!

After a good lunch and a bit of resting, Bryce and I headed down to Pearl Street to meet up with friends, watch the CU basketball game and celebrate St. Patty's Day! It wasn't anything out of the ordinary but it was fun to get in some good laughs with great friends.

During dinner on Saturday night, we planned another bicycle ride but this time on mountain bikes with the intention on riding trails. My new Litespeed 29er isn't quite built up yet so I was forced to ride my trail bike. I knew I was going to be the slow poke since everyone was on their XC race bikes...oh well. We rode the dirt roads out to the trailhead but since Tom had shoulder surgery a few months ago and isn't quite ready to be knocked around, I decided to ride on the flats with him so he had some company. We knew it was supposed to be windy but we didn't think it was going to be at all what it was. It took us 1hr45min to get back to Boulder from an intersection that is normally about 50min away. With a 40mph headwind and a 30lb trail bike with knobby tires and no rear lockout, it wasn't shall we say ''very pleasant''! However, it was worth the solid effort and good laughs afterward. I logged in the longest ride to date since this past summer at 4hrs17min and really excited for my structured training to begin early April!

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