Monday, February 13, 2012

A fun weekend!


Where to start? Well after picking up the new van on Thursday night, we headed to Winter Park for a little Erin and Bryce getaway :) We worked from the condo during the day with a nice skate ski session during lunch.

Bryce just picked up the final components for his nordic setup so he was excited to try it out. For not having skate skied much in his life, he's such a natural.

Since I'm such a numbers person, and well, a Timex gal too, I brought along my GPS watch to track our workout. It's amazing how hard nordic skiing really is. Not to mention that trying to breathe hard at 9000ft doesn't make it any easier either.

After working the rest of the evening, we had our typical pizza dinner then made some hot cocoa and relaxed by the fire. Dunking classic cookies into warm hot chocolate might be my new favorite dessert :) We definitely slept well that night! We were excited to get back to Boulder on Saturday to begin working on the van but we wanted to get in one last skate ski before we took off. It was absolutely gorgeous Saturday morning so we headed back to Snow Mountain Ranch to beat ourselves up one last time. Because there was a race going on, we were forced to ski some of the more advanced and hilly trails. HOLY CRAP does that make a difference. I swear I almost killed Bryce!!! At any rate, we lasted a whopping 45min then drove back to the bubble.

When we got home, I found a large box by the front door that contained the items above. For an avid mountain biker, this is like Christmas x10. I am soooooo excited to try out the new Litespeed Cohutta 29er and cannot wait to deck it out with some blingy Shimano XTR components.

After running around town looking for the perfect headset,we finally found one and the boys began building her up. Normally, I am 100% against bicycles in the house, but it was absolutely freezing outside so I let it slide this time :)

Although I'm still waiting for my crank and front derailleur to come in, I simply cannot tell you how beautiful this bike it. I have never ridden a titanium bike but I've been told that once you convert, you will never go back to carbon! I'm sure you'll see and hear much more about this sexy lady in the near future as I get her all ready to rock and roll for the year.

The final excitement of the weekend was getting a jump start on the van build out! After a lengthy trip to home depot, we got everything we needed to put up the dividing wall. Bryce and our friend Jeremy worked like champs in the freezing cold and banged out the first stages. It's definitely a huge project but the rewards of having this recreational vehicle set up EXACTLY how we want it will far outweigh the effort to get it together.

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