Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 Team Camp has officially begun!

There’s no better feeling in the world than traveling several hundred miles to meet up with dozens of long time teammates in one of the country’s most exquisite training facilities! After an easy flight from Denver to Newark, we were all welcomed with an amazing dinner at the Giant’s Timex Performance Center and another fantastic opening evening of activities. Keith did a great introduction and played a fun video of the 2011 team highlights then Jerry Reese, SVP and General Manager of the New York Giants took the stage. It’s so fun to hear the differences and similarities of athletes and how teams are structured and Jerry did a great job keeping us entertained :) After a few more presentations, it was time for more good laughs and a few product distributions!

Keith hosted a series of games with the athletes then proceeded to hand out goodies from some of the sponsors after each good laugh.

Timex team camp is like Christmas in respect to getting swag, product, etc! However, there is nothing more exciting than being part of a amazing team that is so supportive and fun!

The one item that I am beyond ecstatic about is the new Timex Cycle Trainer! The introduction of the Global Trainer GPS watch brought lots of excitement to the triathlon and running community so I can’t imagine the GPS cycling computer will be any different!

The evening wrapped up with instructions on the sweat test that each of the athletes will be doing with the Korey Stringer Institute staff. Part of the project includes collecting 24hrs worth of urine so everyone was sent back to the hotel with orange pee containers :) You’ll get a lot more information about this later but it’s been the talk of the night!

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