Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh, I love Winter Park!

I was informed that my Timex Team manager was going to be up in Winter Park for a few days so I decided to drive up Thursday night to do a bit of skate skiing and hang out with him and his lovely lady. For the first time in a few weeks, WP and the surrounding areas got a bit of snow, so Shelby and I headed out for an easy ski. My goal was to try and ski as easy as I could while stopping as few times as possible. I skied for a total of 75min with a few short shops here and there but holy cow was I fried afterward. Nordic skiing at 9000ft when unfit might just possibly be the most difficult activity I have every attempted! Nonetheless, it was a blast and I seriously cannot be happier to be back at it.

On our way out to Snow Mountain Ranch to go skiing, we ran into our neighbor who had purchased a whole cord of firewood. We ended up splitting the cord with him and gave the drivers a few extra bucks to throw it on my back deck. We had to re-stack the pile and cover it with a tarp but it was $55 well spent. Maybe we should start using the wood burning fire place in our place in Boulder too!

We planned dinner at my condo for Friday evening with my manager but the ultimate plan was to ski in the morning then for me to work in the afternoon. However, that idea got cut short when I realized that I forgot to bring up my computer charger and my laptop went dead around 3pm. Even though a nap sounded good, I decided to put together the 4 new barstools we ordered. They weren't from IKEA so they were a pain in the butt to put together but dang are they awesome. Absolutely perfect fit!

Before dinner, I also put a few more finishing touches on the walls by framing and hanging the Fraser Valley Trail Map and Trestle Bike Map. As always, Shelby made us a fantastic dinner and dessert and good times were had by all. It was great to see Tristan for the first time in many months and I cannot wait to get the 2012 season rocking and rolling. Team camp is only a month away, wooohooo!!!!

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