Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My 2012 Goals Are Set!

After an extremely rough couple of years, I have a lot of really exciting things to look forward to in 2012! My number one goal for the entire season is the stay healthy and major injury free for 12 consecutive months. Although that might seem easy on paper, I haven't even come close since December 2008.

I'll spare you the details, but I had a phenomenal chat with coach Neal Henderson this afternoon and we have a concrete plan that should have be rockin' and rollin' for cyclocross season this upcoming fall. For the first quarter, I'll just build back into shape on my own doing minimal exercise and strength training - it will be treated like any normal off season. In the second quarter I will buckle down and become more structured with specific power work and higher intensity training. By the third quarter, I will be racing the Winter Park MTB series that will help build my base and lung capacity. And fourth quarter will be my peaking season to kick ass and take names in Cyclocross. Of course I will be racing the entire RMEC off-road moto series and misc road and MTB races, but those will all be for fun and practice as CX is the number one focus this year.

Here's to an awesome 2012!


Anonymous said...

Watch out Katie Compton!

Any plans on returning to the XTERRA circuit?

Erin said...

No plans for XTERRA in the near future unfortunately. I have a torn labrum in my hip that needs to be repaired first and I'm really not too amped to go under the knife again anytime soon.