Monday, December 12, 2011

Top 3 Holiday Gift Guide

There's no doubt that holiday shopping is a difficult task! How do you find the perfect gift for someone who already has everything? Who wants to battle the insane crowds anyway? Personally, I absolutely despise shopping malls but I do like to find that "perfect" gift for my friends and family. Below are my top three holiday gift ideas for the endurance athlete that may seem impossible to buy for!

Nordic Ski Package - In all honesty, as much as we try, type A personalities just simply cannot rest during the winter. Our lives wouldn't go forward without some sort of daily exercise, even if it's running in below zero temps or getting on the bike trainer and suffering for hours. Although this gift is a higher price point item, it's definitely an investment. Whether skating, touring or classic skiing, any form of nordic skiing is a great way to cross train for endurance sports in the winter time. It's new and exciting so you don't get burned out, it's outside, and it's a killer workout! Packages start as low as $250 new but going to your local ski swap is perfect way to find inexpensive used gear that is perfect for starting up. Check out this link for new Nordic Ski Packages -,333.html

Timex 80 Watch - In case you haven't noticed, the 80s have been creeping back into style :) Personally, I'm not that into clothing but I absolutely have to have matching hats and watches. The Timex 80 watch is a fun gift that is assured to get tons of compliments and within a great price point. Check out the full line at

DVD of Choice - This item is not only the best bang for your buck, but totally customizable for any type of athlete. Whether you're rocking out on the bike trainer, smashing it on the treadmill or just enjoying some hot cocoa on the couch on a cold winter night, an entertaining sports flick/documentary is where it's at. Since I'm a big mountain biker, I like to shop at - they have a variety of videos that suppress that itch to go out and shred the trails. In our house, we call watching biking/moto/ski videos "e-riding". There's nothing like a rad video to you get you motivated and excited for the sports you love. I have to admit that opening new bike videos on Christmas morning is certainly the highlight of the day!!!

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