Monday, October 03, 2011

My Momma's Colorado Visit


On Thursday evening, my mom flew in from Michigan to spend a long weekend with Bryce and I. Since I was planning to race on both days over the weekend, we had a relaxing day on Friday with an enjoyable walk to Whole Foods for lunch. Apparently my mother never comes home with enough pictures so every 5 minutes Bryce and I were asked to pose for another shot....hehe, I promise I was only annoyed at the time :)


The first Boulder Cup Cross race was on Saturday in Frisco so we headed up after breakfast on Saturday morning for the 12:10pm start. This was a big race so there were A LOT of people up there to race and spectate. I haven't been able to kick this stupid cold, but I decided to race anyway and give it a shot...45min of 190+HR at 9000+ft, it couldn't be that bad!


Since I wasn't in the points for this series last year I didn't get a call up so I was forced to play catch up and really push it during the first few laps to grab my position. Luckily, I was able to get in a few great surges during lap 2 and move my way into 3rd and remain there to the end.

Although I couldn't stop cackling, spitting, coughing and snotting (yes, gross, I know), I was absolutely thrilled with my finish considering the stacked field and jazzed to be standing on the podium with Allison Powers and Rebecca Gross. 

Since Sunday's race was also being held in Frisco, we were all invited to stay up at Bryce's parent's place in Vail and celebrate Bryce's 27th birthday on Sunday. As always, Momma Bingham made us several homemade birthday cakes which were amazing. We'll be eating them for the next week for sure :)

As great as the weekend was going, I unfortunately had to put a damper on that. I accidentally left my phone on the roof of my car while packing up to head to the race on Sunday morning and as it was flying off the car on I-70, I realized I had left it up there. It definitely took a few tumbles and I'm sure about a dozen or so vehicles ran it over but I still went and found it. That's 2 iPhones down in a month in our household...bummer. Luckily we made it to the race just in time for me to get dressed, registered and do lap of the course.

You know it's going to be a rough day when Katie Compton rolls up in her Stars and Stripes jersey and you're still hacking away from Saturday's race, however, it really wasn't as bad as I thought. I tried to stay tough for the first lap but settled into 4th behind another girl I had beaten on Saturday and stayed there to the finish.I just didn't have it in me to gap the 20 or so seconds she had on me and I wasn't too worried about the girls behind me. I definitely worked hard but my knee was super sore from that dumb crash in Buena Vista so I played it smart and just did my thing. Brent and Barbara were out there taking photos and the usual crowds were cheering loudly and it made for a nice ending to a fun weekend (minus the phone debacle).

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