Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Winter Park Condo Update

 We are under contract and ready to close!!! It's been a long process of getting things together but we've agreed on prices and concessions now just finalizing the loan piece.


The property definitely needs some TLC and you know I'll do a full ''before and after'' report but figured I'd show a few snapshots from the listing so you can get a better idea.

The bottom patio is ours and the one right above it is our good friend's Shelby and Will. We are really looking forward to spending some fun summer nights with friends and family up there :)

Since the place has been vacant, this is how the living/dining room presents itself when you walk in. Pretty bland and boring now but if you've seen the transformation from our place in Boulder, you know it's in for a great facelift!


The above pic is obviously a bit over the top and much more high end then we are thinking, but it really gives a good view of our overall idea - light floors, grey walls, black accent furniture, grey couch and black kitchen cabinets with stainless appliances! Let the IKEA shopping spree begin :)

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