Thursday, September 01, 2011

Homeowners #2 ?!?


So it's actually a really funny story because I would never have thought one month ago that we would be buying a mountain home in Winter Park, Colorado! Ready for it? Here it goes - as planned, we went up to Winter Park for the second to last race of the Epic Singletrack series on Friday evening since it was a much earlier start than normal. Also, as planned, we were staying at our good friend Shelby's condo in Fraser (about 3 miles from WP) so we didn't have to get a hotel. At dinner, one conversation led to another and we got on the subject that the unit below hers was up for sale on foreclosure and was less than half the price that she bought her place for over a year ago. If you know me well enough, you knew my brain was on complete overboard with ideas spinning left and right!

I did some math and figured out that buying this place was not only affordable, but a ridiculously good investment and a potential money making opportunity for the future. I knew the floor plan was identical to my friend's without the lofted ceilings but still needed to physically check it out with Bryce before we put in an offer. We knew it needed work but we were actually quite surprised at how nice it truly was. We immediately rushed home to put in an offer and found out that the price had actually been lowered another $10K! Sweet! We put in an offer that was just silly low and the bank came back telling us that there were multiple offers and to submit our highest and best offer. badly did we want this place? Regardless of what we paid, it was going to be a good deal so it was up to us to figure out what the highest number we were willing to go was. We settled for upping the price $15K more than our offer plus $3K in paid closing costs and they countered back with $9K over our original asking price and $2200 in paid closing costs...weird counter but we were all over it and verbally submitted our acceptance :) It's not 100% ours until we get the final paperwork Friday or early next week but it's pretty safe to say it's most likely ours! It's super exciting but we still need to be prepared for the worst so we're trying to stay relaxed. Stay tuned for lots more info once we get the 'yeh' or 'neh' and sign on the dotted line!

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