Thursday, August 04, 2011

Global Trainer Demo RR Denver Take 2

After a bit of a traffic debacle last time we set up this event, Dennis and I made sure to leave EXTRA early this time around. As expected, we were held up in the rush hour madness but arrived plenty early to set up and be ready to take on over 150 people for the evening's activities. We were joined by Trista, Tim, Brian, Wendy and Barry and couldn't have had a more perfect night!

From the second we stepped into the store, it was go time! Each of us were busy checking out watches and getting them setup both manually and through the Device Agent and instructing how to operate the different screens. I even had a gentleman who attended the original Demo in Lone Tree come up and show me his newly purchased Timex GT and tell me how much he loves that is cool!

After getting almost every watch out and personally customized to each runner, Tim, Dennis and I helped a gentleman update the firmware on his personal Global Trainer that he had bought from that exact store over a year ago! He was so excited we were able to help him as the watched worked so much better and he will now be able to download and use all the various functions that weren't quite up to date!

After everyone took off for the run, we got the computers set up for the post activity data downloading. This was also a great opportunity to talk to those who didn't go on the run about various Timex products. We always get so many fun and interesting questions which makes the night so exciting.

As with all of the other demos, the most exciting part is having the runners upload their info into the computer and download into Training Peaks. Most people are simply amazed at the sophistication of the program and how many metrics, statistics, etc they can play with! I'm pretty sure the most popular phrase after displaying the graph/map duo is ''Wow, that's awesome''!

Dennis was looking way too good next to the Timex display so I couldn't help but snap a photo :)

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