Monday, August 15, 2011

Crested Butte Part 2

How come vacations always seem to go by at double speed? Since Jon got stuck on a work project back in Boulder on Thurs/Fri, we held off on riding the infamous 403 and 401 trails until Saturday so he could join. This was the midway point of the climb up 403. The views are just terrible aren't they?!? Hehe.

When we stopped to get a quick snack, there were several other people checking out the views and a couple came over and offered our whole group a cut up watermelon. It was not only the best tasting thing at the time, but so awesome that they did that. We had a great chat with them then headed back to hit the summit of our first climb.

Crested Butte is known as the Capitol of Wildflowers and it was absolutely apparent. They were everywhere and unbelievably gorgeous.

Right at the top of the 403, Tom got a flat so we had to wait until he fixed it.

I guess it wasn't all that bad though...the views were great and at an elevation of 11,500ft, it was a perfect temperature!

Me and my hunny!

After descending the 403 and waiting for Tom to fix flat #2, we began the climb back up to the 401. Midway through we hit the biggest patch of snow I have ever seen in August! It had to have been over 8ft tall. The last part of the climb was super steep and pretty treacherous, but we all made it and enjoyed another epic CB descent! As most people forget, there is a pretty long climb out of the 401 which totally cracked me and a few others.

After being out for almost 6hrs, a nice cold soak in the small creek by our condo was very much needed! That and a cold Coke and a big bowl of ice cream of course :)

After a killer sleep Saturday night, we woke up very tired but ready to do some fun and easy dirt biking on our way back. We met up with our good friend Eric who was camping with is family and planned out a 2hr ride (or what we thought) around some trail we had never ridden. Let's just say that 2hrs turned into 5+ on some of the gnarliest trail I have EVER joke. I wish I had pictures but then again I don't think an image could describe how difficult this stuff was. Needless to say, I was beyond wrecked at 2.5hrs and the trail just kept going and going and going. I made it back alive, but barely and our 5hr drive home in the rain and traffic was brutal. It's almost noon and I'm still in my pajamas trying to crank out work and get motivated to shower! Great 4 day vacation...I really needed it :)

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