Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Global Trainer Demo

On Wednesday afternoon, Trista and I drove up to Ft. Collins to meet our teammate Wendy at the local Runner's Roost. We had another GPS demo scheduled for their weekly run group!

Pre-run we had a lot of great questions about the product and how it compared to the Garmin.

We also gave the runners a chance to personally enter their user info on the computer and set up their customized screens before heading out!

During the run, one of Wendy's previous athletes came by to check out the watch. She's an engineer so was very intrigued with the technology and sophistication of the product. We also introduced her to the new Health Tracker which she was extremely excited about. I think we might made 2 sales for the Runner's Roost in FOCO :)

As usual, we also downloaded the runner's data into the Device Agent and Training Peaks and gave them a quick tutorial of each of the programs! Other fun and successful Team Timex demo night!

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