Monday, July 25, 2011

A fun, yet productive weekend

There are definitely perks of owning your own home, but there are also several downsides as well! We're learning quickly how much work it involves but truthfully, it's worth it :) This past weekend was one of our only free weekends of the summer so we decided to get some of the unpleasant house work done. After a fun hike at Betasso early Saturday morning, we tag teamed the various chores. While Bryce cleaned the windows (in and out) and screens, I was busy tackling our bathroom and bedroom as well as wiping down every shelf in the fridge/freezer. We cranked out lots of other misc housework even though it was over 100* outside and we unfortunately lack AC in our place! Regardless, it was a good accomplishment and rewarding to finally have it done.

Sunday morning we went up to Nederland with our dear friend Tom to do some mountain biking before getting more items checked off the to do list. Although I was a little bit of a mechanical mess, we still managed to have a great time.

During our numerous trail side maintenance sessions, the boys made sure to remind me how lucky I was to have 2 very talented mechanical engineers on my ride...blah, blah, blah :)

After getting back from our ride, we slammed some food then headed directly to the garage for a night's worth of moto and bicycle maintenance. While I cleaned bicycles, changed tires, fixed brakes, and spewed brake fluid everywhere (unexpectedly), Bryce was tearing apart my dirt bike and replacing bolts, throttle cables (see above) and radiators (see below). I'm not exactly the easiest on my toys :)

Luckily, my issues didn't take up the whole night and Bryce was able to get several things done his own bikes too. After the world's coldest shower, we were both asleep within seconds. Although it was an exhausting weekend, it was extremely productive!

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