Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Rockin' Memorial Day Weekend in Vail!

All fun weekends involve riding dirt bikes, but this trip on Saturday was especially fun for several reasons. 1) Tony got to ride his new KTM 400 XCW that Bryce has been working hard to tune. 2) We both got to ride some epic (and very technical) trail where we made it home in one piece. 3) We met several of the RMEC clan at the trails for numerous good laughs!

After a delicious homemade Mamma Bingham parmesean chicken dinner, we got to bed early so we could do a big mountain bike ride on the newly built trail system in Eagle.

Before we set out, we routed a fun 3-4hr ride and couldn't believe how amazing the trail was for the first 2hrs. Unfortunately, we took a wrong turn at the top of one of the big climbs and got incredibly lost after that!

We searched and searched for the trail but only ended up finding small deer trails that led to nothing but wooded mountain sides. After about an hour of looking, Bryce said that our best bet was to just bushwhack the entire way down the mountain until we met up with a dirt road that he knew was there. I'm usually up for any kind of adventure but when I'm lost in the middle of the forest with absolutely nothing but trees and bushes in sight in the peak of bear season, I am NOT a happy camper.

We eventually made it out (after looking like we took a weed whacker to our arms and legs) and asked a fellow rider where we had gone wrong...apparently we took a left turn about 1/2 mile too early!!! There's nothing worse than climbing for 2hrs then not being able to ride the ''epic'' singletrack back down but at least we made it back safely! Next time we'll know where to go :)

It's very unusual that Bryce gets 3 days off in a row so we decided to head back to the Eagle trail system Monday morning to get our revenge :) We chose to ride a different grouping of trails that did not disappoint!

We did make one wrong turn that prevented us from riding a fun singletrack trail downhill but luckily it wasn't nearly as bad as Sunday. We quickly hopped back onto the correct route and enjoyed more incredible riding for the next few hours!

You know you're having a good weekend when your bike has platform pedals, wide handle bars, 6+ inches of travel, you're helmet has a visor, you've got baggy clothing and comfy shoes on, and your hydration pack has lots of tools, a map, a jacket and an mmmm good sandwich in it!!! Here's to another killer weekend :)

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Oh yeah! Nice weekend. Lyrca has its place as does some nice baggy-ness. You guy rock. I gotta get out there.