Monday, April 04, 2011

Back to Texas we go!

Somehow I got conned into going to Texas this past weekend for another moto race. This wasn't part of our normal series but Bryce and Scott wanted to try and qualify for Six Days so they had already planned on going for months. Everyone else in the house was gone for the weekend so I figured, what the heck, I guess I can sit in the car for another road trip. Above is what I got to witness for most of the two 10 hour drives...thanks Scott :)

Since this was a National Enduro, Bryce wasn't required to race on his specific RMEC row. Instead, he thought it might be advantageous to move to a later row to stay clear of the dust...and ride with me :)

We knew it was going to be hot, but little did we know it was going to hit 100 degrees! The race itself was pretty sub par for myself and not so great for the boys. I hadn't ridden for a couple weeks and we had a 10 mile test straight out of the gate which really screwed my day up. I think I crashed in almost every corner during those first 10 miles and ended up missing the first check by a few minutes thus having to play catch up all day! After another couple tumbles in the second test, I finally managed to figure out how to ride again. However, the schedule was so tight that I never had more than a minute to rest between checks and rode for over 4 hrs straight. By the middle of the 3rd check, I could hardly pull in the clutch my arm was so pumped up and ended up finishing the day riding like a donkey and sitting WAY too much - hence the unbearable monkey butt today...NOT GOOD! I ended up placing 8th out of 10 women in very competitive field. Unfortunately, both of the guys got turned around in a very technical section and rode almost 6 extra miles that completely ruined their days and were forced to call it quits after the 4th test :(

The drive home went from 100* and insane winds in Texas to a complete whiteout blizzard through New Mexico and Colorado. Nothing like being exhausted and driving through that crap at 1am in the morning! Although the turnout wasn't what we had all hoped for, we are all safe and back to the grind. There's always next time!

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