Saturday, March 26, 2011

My love for the Willowbrook HOA...NOT

Very rarely do I rant about people or things that make me angry on here but this time, I cannot resist.

Last month we received another notice from our HOA. This time it was stating that they reported us to the city that we had a secondary dwelling unit in our house and it needed to be cleared it up. For real? A secondary living unit? WTF! I immediately called our property manager to find out what was going on and found out that the president of the HOA had been reading my blog and saw our ''kitchenette'' that was built downstairs and reported us! Again, for real? We have had nothing but horrible experiences with this place since we've moved in and hasn't gone in any sort of positive direction ever since. The group of idiots who run this association are out of control and have absolutely no respect for anyone. Whatever entitlement they feel they have being in charge of something is not an excuse for childish and ridiculous behavior.

That being said, we invited the city officials over to check out our hard work. They left saying that everything was just fine - there wasn't a secondary living unit in our basement - and that we just needed to be mailed a declaration stating what we had added. A few days later we received a call from the city stating that we actually needed to pull a building permit for the plumbing. Even though the work was done, we still needed to pull one anyway and have it inspected again. Little did I know, pulling a permit meant A) paying the city $200 (educating people on how to run good marijuana businesses isn't cheap), B) hard-wiring every single smoke detector in the house, and C) installing a hard-wired CO2 detector on every floor of the house. Yes - we had to do all of this (and spend an unexpected $700) all because our wonderful HOA doesn't have anything else to do except snoop around and piss off the people who actually own and live in the complex.

We have our inspection next Wednesday so stay tuned on how things go. I never imagined owning a home would be such a pain in my ass!


Anonymous said...

It is a shame when someone is continually improving their property...that the HOA doesn't see this a HUGE benefit for everyone. Very, very sad...

Joe Delgado said...

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