Thursday, February 17, 2011

Team Timex Camp 2011 has begun!

After a smooth and easy flight to Newark, NJ with teammates Will, Barry and Jessica, my most favorite mechanic in the entire world - DJB (Doug Berner) was waiting in a big van to pick us up! What a way to start the camp?! We then headed to the hotel then shortly rounded back up for the initial ''meet and greet'' at the Timex Performance Center with an incredible dinner. I almost forgot how amazing the food is here :)

Following the delicious meal, Keith lead some great introductions of all the staff and media that were attending the weekend's festivities then gave the stage to Ronnie Barnes of the NY Giants to talk about sport injuries as they relate to triathletes and football players. He is such an amazing person and speaks with such passion...I love it! Unlike the ''Jersey Shore'' skit we had last year, the big surprise this year was a play on Oprah's favorite things. Several Timex and Team Sports members shared some of their favorite things that they wanted each of us to have...

Paul Bernstein of Timex said that he likes to be extremely punctual and that he would like us to be as well with our new Timex/iPod Alarm Clock!!!

Tristan Brown - team manager, said he likes to be a beach bum and in order for all of us to look like beach babes and beach dudes, we all needed Timex Multisport Team beach towels :)

Jason Tillinghast of Timex said he knows how important it is to train with heart rate, especially as he prepares for IM Lake Placid this year and wanted all of us to as well with our brand new Timex Ironman Race Trainer Pro Heart Rate Monitors!

And lastly, Herbie Calves of Timex said that listening to music is ''food for the soul'' and that each of us should have a spankin' new iPod with Timex Multisport Team engraved on the back :)

Coming to camp is not only exciting because it gives so many of us the opportunity to catch up personally as all teammates are scattered all over the world and do not always race on the same circuit, but it's like Christmas! Thank you so much for everything you do for us Timex!

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