Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Friday-Sunday of Timex Team Camp

After another fantastic breakfast at the Timex Performance Center Friday morning, we headed to the Meadowlands Stadium for more excitement.

We immediately walked into the coach's corner where all the TVs were displaying Timex land each of our other sponsors.

We were then lead into the Giant's locker room where we found all our new clothing and swag!

It's like Christmas with all the stuff we receive!

Yeah...I was kind of excited :)

I was even more excited to hang out with my XTERRA Timex boys!

This was the first of many team pics. We look pretty good, huh?!

Friday evening consisted of a great round of cocktails with another delicious dinner and our logo on the Giant's jumbo-tron!

After dinner we had the pleasure of listening to the infamous Bob Babbitt and Dick Hoyt as well as numerous presentations pertaining to the Timex Multisport's 10 year anniversary. It was also really fun seeing all of the different race jerseys from each of the 10 years!

Saturday was a very relaxed day with lots of time to work on our group presentations for marketing ideas of the new Timex Ironman Race Trainer Pro Heart Race Monitor. We also had a round robin of group presentations from Social Media to Sports Nutrition.

Sunday was filled with LOTS of photos. Team pics, individual pics, and of course, pics with the world's best mechanic - Doug Berner. He said we weren't allowed to leave until he got a pic with his 2 favorite girls!

This photo, courtesy of Roger Thompson, shows the final supper (or lunch) of the 2011 Timex Multisport Team Camp. What an amazing time it was! Big thanks to everyone who made it possible. 2011, here we come...

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