Monday, January 10, 2011

A silly, yet costly mistake!

For all of those out there that have a deductible on your health insurance - listen up!

As we all know, I've had some serious medical issues over the past couple of years leading to hitting my deductible within the first couple months of the year. This year, I planned on NOT doing that as I'm praying that the CFS is at the end of it's toll and hopefully with the final months of this medication, I'll be back up and running. At any rate, in December I made a mental check of all the medical things I thought I should do before the year ended as it would be for free since the deductible had been satisfied. I was all set on the doc appointment front but didn't think of re-filling the prescription I have been taking 4x/day because it was only costing me $10/bottle at the time. Well not thinking the medication was expensive, I went to the pharmacy yesterday to pick it up and was flabbergasted when the women told me it would be $783 for one month's supply!!!! Well guess what? Had I been smart and gotten the last 2 refills done in December, it would have cost me $10/bottle. Instead, it's now a new year and I now have to re-meet my $2500 deductible and it will probably happen with 3 bottles of this stupid medication. For those that know me really well, I'm sure you can only image the frustration and stupidity I felt when this happened. I'm a freaking accountant for goodness sake, how the crap could I not have thought of this?!?!? Oh well, live and learn. Just thought I'd let others benefit from my mistake! I'll just be saving some extra money instead of buying new toys now :)

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