Monday, December 13, 2010

The owner of Madd Gear (my newest client), is also the president of EB brands which includes Sportline, Everlast, Bally Total Fitness and Samsonite, just to name a few. EB's newest addition is the iPure brand. Their products will be available in retailers such as Sports Authority and on their website in March 2011. Keep reading for more information on this revolutionary idea and how it can benefit you!

What is it?

Negative ion technology integrated into bands, necklaces and other fitness/wellness products that claim increased energy, balance, flexibility, strength, power and endurance. iPure generates roughly 10 times more negative ions than most competing brands.

How does it work?

Human cells are made up of both negative and positive ions (electrons that carry either a positive or negative charge and protons that carry a positive charge). Cells always seek maximum stability to function properly. A build-up of positive ions is unhealthy and can lead to weakened performance. The generation of negative ions neutralizes positive ion build-up and brings the body into a state balance where it can perform at an optimized level.

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