Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Skin Check

When I'm not sick and following my normal schedule, I usually spend the better part of my day training in the sun. I have a family history of having lots of moles (yes, gross, I know) so I visit my wonderful dermatologist a few times a year. Normally I don't have to schedule yearly check ups as I've always got some sort of rash, saddle sore, etc going on during the year so I just get my full body scan during those 2-3 visits per year. Since I hadn't seen Cathy at Kallgren Dermatology in a few months, I went in for normal skin check yesterday. While doing her usual full body check, she noticed that almost none of my moles looked the same as they did in June. She also noticed a few that had come back after she had removed them. A long story short, I had 2 previously removed moles injected with steroid, 1 new mole shaved off and 1 previously removed mole re-removed leaving a few stitches in my behind :( Hopefully everything comes back normal...she thinks that my body is reacting differently due to my compromised immune system. Stay tuned as I'll have the test results next week when I get the stitches out of my bum.

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