Friday, November 05, 2010

Back to the Mitten!

On Thursday morning, we headed to Michigan for the 21st Annual Iceman Cometh Mountain Bike race. We flew into Detroit, then spent the afternoon/evening with some family, then headed up to Traverse City early Friday morning.

We knew there was a possibility of snow, but it didn't really seem realistic until we actually got there and it was snowing! Around noon, Bryce, Tony and Matt went out to ride the second half of the course.

Meanwhile, my parents and the Torrances (Don and Rose), got some warm lunch and had fun in the Casino!

After meeting up with my mom's entire side of the family for a fun and relaxing pre-race dinner, we finally got Bryce's bike all ready for the big day. All the traveling has made me completely exhausted so I headed to bed VERY early! Stay tuned for the big race report in a few days :)

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