Monday, October 18, 2010

A fun weekend turned sad

This past weekend was the Spanish Peaks Enduro in Trinidad, CO. For those of you who don't know, Trinidad is the 'Sex Change Capitol of the World'. If you think I'm kidding, check out Wikipedia here and scroll to the 5th paragraph. Although I couldn't race this year, it was really fun reminiscing and laughing about about how much fun we had last year. It was my first attempt at an enduro and to put it in perspective, I completed 1 lap in the same time most people did 3! Too funny.

After a good dinner for Clint's 40th birthday at Rino's (an Italian restaurant with live singers), we got some stellar rest and Bryce was ready to rip it up on the course. Our good friend Dan and Clint were on the same row and the above pic shows what Dan put on his bike thinking he was going to leave Clint in his dust. Hilarious! After watching everyone go through the endurocross section of the course, it was time to wait until the first 23 mile lap was complete.

Unfortunately, this is when things turned sad. When you see ambulances fly by at moto races, you always get that sick feeling in your stomach. Since Clay had his phone on him, he was able to call his dad at one of the checks to let us know what had happened:

A couple minutes prior to Bryce coming through during a test section, a few people had already stopped to help a down rider and were beginning CPR. Once Bryce got there, he stopped as well to help out. After a firefighter and the paramedics arrived, there was nothing else he could do so he continued to trail ride through the loop and later find out that his friend Glenn Tyson did not make it. After Bryce completed the lap, he was in no condition to race/ride so we packed up and headed home. There is nothing worse than dealing with something as terrible as this, especially when it's during your most enjoyed activity, regardless of how it happened. On our drive home, we were informed that someone had seen Glenn just fall off his bike rather than crashing into something. With all of his protective equipment intact, it is thought that a natural cause of death came prior to falling off his moto. Please help us send positive thoughts and wishes to his family and friends. RIP Glenn Tyson.


Deanna Franco said...

Hi there.. My name is Deanna Franco and this was my 1st enduro race. I was in row 7 and came upon Glenn probalby a minute or 2 after he went down. I stopped and my friend Brady and another guy were already there with him. I went over to Glenn and touched him but he did not respond. He layed flat on his back staring at the sky but not responding, eyes slightly open with one tear rolling down the right side of his face. I knew in that moment it wasn't good. Brady insisted that he was going to be okay, that he had a pulse and that help was on the way. When I finished my 1st lap I came back expecting to here about Glenn's injuries and that he was okay. I was floored and devasted to see Brady, in tears telling me he didn't make it. The trail was dusty and it was impossible to see anything at high speeds. I can only believe that he hit something that he didn't see and hit the ground the wrong way leading to a fatal spinal cord injury. I guess the autoposy will tell. I'm so sad for Glenn, his family and friends. I cannot stop thinking about him. It's so tragic. I'm so sorry for your loss. If you can please keep me posted on what the cause, would be much appreciated. I'd love to know more about Gleen and who he was.

Anonymous said...

Glenn was one of the best men you would ever meet. Full of life in his own words from FB "Live life like there is no tomorrow. Stay close to your family like it is your last visit. Treat every stranger like your best friend. Take the time to really know the other person in the mirror, you will excel to your wildest dreams."
What a wonderful man here on earth that has left many wonderful memories for his family here on earth. Ride high cuz!

Erin said...

Hi Deanna,

Please email me at and I will be sure to keep you posted on anything we find out. I would also suggest checking the RMEC website ( for updates. Once I'm healthy and riding again, we should race on the same row. Take care.

Tim said...

Hi Guys, My name is Tim Wallace I knew Glenn from work and we motorcycled together some. I am just hearing of this tragedy and certainly feeling very sad. I am an RMEC member as well, but didn't race Sunday, so I am very thankful for your posting as to what might have happened. Glenn was an awesome person, very gentle, kind, and considerate; all the good things one would want to be remembered for. He will be greatly missed! Rest in Peace Glenn; to my good friend and co-worker.

Tim Wallace

Anonymous said...

I recieved word from the coroner that Glenn suffered a broken sternum and a severed desending aorta. These injuries could've only been sustained due to a high speed crash. Glenn passed doing what he loved, not many people have that privilege. The family and friends of Glenn are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I met and raced with Glenn at several Endurocross events in Las Vegas. What an inspiration and a man. I just learned of the news and am deeply saddened. RIP Glenn. I'll see you again. Trent Sandoval Las Vegas, NV

Anonymous said...

hi my name is ashli tyson and glenn was my uncle i miss him so dearly but we all knoe that he was doing sometihing he loved.. he will be missed R.I.P uncle glenn we love you and miss you