Sunday, October 03, 2010

Bryce's Birthday Weekend

One month and 10 days after my birthday, Bryce finally turned the big 2-6 as well. Heck yea...I'm no longer a cougar :) Hehe. At any rate, we drove up to Vail to be pampered for the weekend and that's exactly how it paned out. After a delicious homemade breakfast of date scones and scrambled eggs, we went for a short hike with Barbara and their gorgeous Bernese Mountain dog, Bosco.

Later that afternoon we walked around Vail and went out for dinner in Lionshead at Billy's Bar and Grill.

When we returned, we sang happy birthday to Bryce and indulged ourselves in the BEST homemade Carrot Cake I have EVER had. I'm sending the whole thing to work with B tomorrow otherwise it will be gone when he comes home!

After passing out from being in a food coma, we woke up today and went on another chill hike up Boothe Falls. The Aspens are all changing colors and it's absolutely beautiful.

Can you believe that it's Oct 3rd and still 75* at 9000+ft? Apparently we're supposed to have the highest average temps in September and October of this year...CRAZY! All in all, a great weekend!

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