Monday, July 26, 2010

XTERRA Indian Peaks

Although I'm still not feeling better yet, and nowhere near race-able, I still need to mention some of the local XTERRA races that deserve a much needed referral!

Each year, the Boulder/Denver area is filled with thousands of endurance events ranging from cycling to running to road triathlons, etc. However, for us dirt seekers, off-road races are few and far between. Luckily, Mr. Paul Karlsson, a well known race director, has used his expertise to form Dig Deep Sports and offer the off-road folk some great events. Click the logo above to check out the XTERRA on Aug. 8 that offers one of the best courses on the tour, as well as an 11K Trail Run that won't disappoint!

If you missed the heavily attended pre-ride this past Saturday, it's okay. You'll have an opportunity to ride the course Friday and Saturday before the race. However, you did miss out on some great Timex prizes that I raffled off at the end :)

Big thanks to Eldora for letting all 150 of us come out. What a killer turnout! I apologize to everyone that I was unable to join in on the ride, but I hope you got a good look at the course and have that added anticipation for race day!!! Hopefully I'll be well in time to see you out there :)

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