Sunday, July 04, 2010

Part of the Holiday Weekend

I haven't had much news to report over the last couple days as I've been a bit busy wrapping up the second quarter books and getting ready to go play in the mountains.

Friday afternoon Bryce and I drove out to his parent's place in Edwards so we could have a big XTERRA Beaver Creek training day with a bunch of friends. First thing Saturday morning, we headed to the local pool to get the blood pumping. I always forget how difficult it is to swim hard at altitude but glad I sucked it up and did so. We then headed over to Nottingham Lake where we met up with lots of friends from all over. We pre-rode the bike course and even did an extra loop at the top to make the legs extra tired. We then ran part of the run course right off the bike for the final kicker which made for a killer training day. Although I didn't force Bryce to do my swim set, he crushed the bike and hung on for dear life on the run...soooo proud of him! After sleeping for 11hrs Saturday night, we ventured back to the mountains for a 95min run with 2500ft of climbing early Sunday morning. I'm pretty sure this is where I completely roasted the poor kid because he didn't even have the energy to get me back on the dirt bike later on!

Instead, we went shopping and came home with the world's largest spoon and fork...

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Erin's Mom said...

Now those are unique wall decorations!!