Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The KTM Boys

After a race in Wyoming, some of the best enduro riders in the country came to visit Bryce and I in Boulder for a little night on the town!

Russell Bobbitt is a three time national enduro champion and quite a character. You can find out more at

Cole Kirkpatrick is from Lubbock, TX and finished 5th in the National Endro series last year. He, too has a rockin' site at

Big thanks to both of them for a fun night on Pearl and keeping Bryce and I up WAY past our bedtimes!!! Safe travels back home.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! You gotta let me know if that picture gets published in the Boulder Mag!! I'm going to get ready for when I come back, you know sleeping in oxygen deprived tents and using the power lung.. I guess I'm gonna swim 5 miles today.