Monday, May 10, 2010

Will's Surprise 28 3/4 Birthday Party!

Let me just start with saying his girlfriend Shelby is freaking amazing!

So this whole ordeal started about 2 months ago when she wanted to get Will a new road bike from Orbea. The details of how she went about acquiring it is too much to write, but let's just say that between Doug, Tristan, Keith, Ryan Ignatz, Branden Rakita, his brother Travis and myself, we made it happen and somehow kept it a secret! The second part of the awesomeness is the party at my place that Shelby put together to surprise Will with his new toy.

She planned this huge super hero themed party with a giant Captain Obvious cake to celebrate Will's almost birthday.

The big 'SURPRISE' scream from everyone was awesome and the words that came out of his mouth when he saw the new road bike were priceless.

A lot of the Colorado Timex crew came down as Will initially thought he was coming over to discuss team camp #2 and fire up my new BBQ.

Little did he know that Trista, Brian, Tim and his whole family would be there dressed up in super hero customs!

I'm fairly certain he'll be sleeping with his new sexy Orbea Opal for the next couple months :)

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