Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wheat Ridge Cyclery Timex Ride

Saturday morning, some of the Colorado Timex clan (Barry, Tim, Trista, Brian and myself) went down to Wheat Ridge Cyclery for a little clinic and fun ride!

It was SUPER windy but we all made it to the Coors Brewery in one piece!

It was a blast chatting and teaching everyone a few things during the ride. We even had a little contest to see who could guess the time it would take to return to the shop with the crazy tail wind!

Everyone had a great time and returned with big smiles. I gave a group of ladies a 411 on sports nutrition and how Powerbar offers products for every stage of activity. The questions were phenomenal and I gave away all sorts of Powerbar product that got everyone amped up. Finally, Tim gave a little demo on how to parallel park the new Ford Flex Timex car without any hands.

Barry just wanted to let everyone know that Tim Hola IS THE MAN!!!

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