Monday, May 03, 2010

Part 1 of the Nebraska/Moab Adventure

Let me just start off with saying "I don't throw up". I hate it, I'm deathly afraid of it, and it's just plain gross. Unfortunately the food poisoning or 24hr flu I had Friday night provoked the 4th episode of hurling in my lifetime and one of the worst nights of my life. Big thanks to Bryce for being there for me as I'm sure it wasn't easy. At any rate, I could hardly pick my head up Saturday so the plan of racing the hill climb in Golden then driving to Nebraska to race dirt bikes on Sunday was put on a minor hold. Around 2pm that afternoon, I finally got myself out the door, in the car and in route to Huskie-land.

Although I still couldn't eat much, I was feeling progressively better and better every hour. I didn't really expect to race the Enduro, but somehow I miraculously felt okay and decided to do it anyway.

It was a good decision because the trail we raced on made for some of the best moto riding I have ever had! I definitely wasn't the fastest out there, but maybe the funniest. I was having way too much fun at each of the checks giving everyone a hard time and laughing hysterically. Bryce had a blast as well and should have placed within the top 10 overall...we took off before results were finalized to head to Vail.

Everything was going super smoothly until we got to Frisco. At that point, the road turned to sheer ice, accidents were happening all around us and it began snowing out of control. They ended up closing the only road we could take to get to Bryce's house in Vail due to the conditions so we ended up sitting on the side of the road behind this car from 8-11:30pm. No joke.

We both took turns sleeping since we were exhausted but didn't want the highway to open up and us be sound asleep with people stuck behind us :) We've definitely had the absolute worst luck with weather while driving through the mountains recently and although it's been really annoying, at least we're both safe and in one piece!

Stay tuned for more fun happenings Monday-Wednesday as we mountain bike and moto our way around Moab!

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