Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 3 & 4 at Boulder Timex Camp

The day started off pretty relaxed as we packed, cleaned and got ready to ride back to Boulder from beautiful Winter Park.

Unlike Boulder at 8am, the mountains are a little more chilly in the morning, especially riding down Berthoud Pass. Will thought it was funny that he was wearing a base layer, ss jersey, ls jersey, vest and jacket so he unzipped all of them to show off how cool and matching he was :)

We originally intended on taking a different route than we came, but turns out it was a bit more off-road riding than we thought. We adventured some then got back on the same course as we came out on.

That meant making another stop at the Casino for free soda! Yeah for Blackhawk :)

After arriving safely in Boulder, it was time to chow down and get to bed early to participate in the Bolder Boulder 10K on Monday morning. This event brings 50,000 runners and walkers to the streets of Boulder for the biggest festival of the year. Unfortunately I wasn't able to run, but it does come right by my house so I got to watch all the fun and madness.

After the run was the final BBQ of team camp. We grilled, played on cruisers, made smores on the propane firepit, chatted, relaxed, jammed, drank name it.

Team Timex Camp in Boulder was an absolute success and a total blast! Congrats to everyone who made it through and big thanks to Will Kelsay for getting the idea flowing and all the people who made it run smoothly! GO TIMEX.

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