Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 1 at Boulder Timex Camp

The mission was to ride from Boulder, CO just past the Winter Park Resort to Fraser, CO!

It all began at Amante in North Boulder - a classic meeting place for group rides. Bryce's parents were there with lights set up and snapping away some great candid shots.

We then headed up Left Hand style of course!

At the top of Ward, we made our first pit stop. Tristan had been following us in the Ford Flex that was loaded with Powerbar, water and other goodies! We then set off on the Peak to Peak Highway where we met up once more with Bryce's parents for a few group shots with an amazing background view. Can't wait to see how those turned out!

At the end of the highway and about 4.5hrs of ride time, we reached Central City. This is a huge gambling place on an Indian Reserve in the middle of nowhere! Of course Will and I had to go in and waste a dollar or our lycra :)

After hitting the road for another few hours, we reached a small town called Empire. This was our final stop before the BIG climb of the day! Over the next 14 miles we were headed to well over 11,000ft! It was getting super hot so we all loaded up on ice, coke, iced animal cookies, you name it.

The climb was tough, but we all made it...well kind of. Will may have had to lay down in the back of the Flex for a moment or so to regain consciousness! At any rate, the views were unbelievable and how Pro do we all look with the Flex?!?! THANKS FORD!

A proud group of Timex Multisport Athletes!

Big thanks to Tristan as he followed us the entire way with everything and anything we may have needed. There's no better support than that! We love you T :)

Finally, we couldn't have logged our killer ride without the Timex Global Trainer and I most certainly couldn't have generated this sweet graph without Training Peaks.We were in the saddle for 8hrs 14min, traveled 109 miles and ascended 13,143ft. Congrats to everyone for making it through day 1. Stay tuned for more!

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