Sunday, April 25, 2010

An absolutely AMAZING weekend!

It started early Saturday morning with a beautiful drive through the canyon in Golden. There's been tons of rain so everything was really green! Very rare for Colorado.

However, our drive turned a bit messy once we hit the Eisenhower tunnel. From here to Wolcott, it was a total blizzard. Oh so fun in a 2-wheel drive van...ahhhh.

We finally arrived at McCoy, a small little place tucked away in the mountains and immediately jumped on the mountain bikes.

The views were gorgeous and the company was perfect. A great spin out for the legs for Sunday's big race!

We then headed back to the van to join up with some friends for a little moto. Eric and Bryce have been riding out here for years but for some of us, it was the first time we got to explore some kick ass trail.

Check out the video above for some sweet footage of us riding via the GoPro cam mounted on Bryce's chest protector. Note my sweet run off the slick trail around minute 7 :)

Later that night, the Bingham's took us out to dinner at La Tour in Vail. It's the first time since I did work for the restaurants that I have had a meal like that. WOW. I'm pretty sure, life does get much better than this!

First thing Sunday morning, we headed out for a short jog from B's house in Edwards. I've yet to experience a 'great' jog without at least one thing bothering this spring but Sunday I finally did :) For the first time since 2008, I actually had a runner's high!!! By far the highlight of the weekend!

Since we were still 2.5hrs away from the site of the mountain bike race, Momma Bingham made us a delicious array of goodies for the road - oatmeal/fruit/nuts, egg mcmuffin sandwiches and a whole loaf of chocolate chip banana bread...are we spoiled or what?

After a fun drive to Fruita, unfortunately, the next 30 minutes really really stunk. I got geared up, rode down to registration, presented my pro triathlon license and got denied from racing with the pro women or even the CAT 1 women. Apparently with these races, you must have a UCI license to race in either of those categories and all the others had already began racing. I argued with the official for a good 15min but got nowhere. I was really upset but quickly got over it and decided to just go ride the 31 mile course anyway. Instead of playing on his dirt bike, Bryce joined me for almost 4 hours on the trail.

We couldn't have had a more fun time just cruising, laughing and enjoying the sun...well maybe too much as we're both fried, but hey, totally worth it! The drive home was long with really bad weather, but we finally made it. Cheers to a killer weekend!

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MarkyV said...

pic #2 is insane! wish i had my AT ski gear already. Some epic runs in the BC to be had for sure!