Saturday, March 06, 2010

Life is absolutely GREAT!

Especially when it's 57* and sunny on March 6th and all you can see is blue sky for miles, snow capped mountains and 500 million other cyclists on the road :)

The day started off pretty chill with an hour easy swim at FAC then a little T1 action in the parking lot then off to see if our 'in between the legs parts' were capable of riding 5hrs...seriously. After an 1hr20min, we made the usual stop at Clark's in Hygiene and ran into several familiar faces. Will Kelsay happened to be there which was pretty exciting so we decided to have a little Team Timex group shot. We then continued on for the rest of our amazingly scenic ride while battling the weekend warriors hammering around town. I love Boulder.

This is what Tingle looked like when we got back...

Just know it's a good day when you can swim an hour then ride 5hrs and still have a giant smile on your face :) And yes, Tingle did ride the entire time in those hot shades...can someone get this girl a sunglass sponsor ASAP?!?! Thanks for the ride Lady, you're my fav.

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