Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm back on bikes with motors!

After a long drive to TX Friday evening, Bryce and I finally made it to Quitaque for some moto racing.

We unloaded the van, got the motos prepped, and made the rounds saying hi to everyone.

Saturday was the Grand Prix. Just like a circuit race on bicycles. We did an hour of racing on a 3mile loop comprised of a fun grass track and windy trail in the trees.

As with every moto race, my main goal is to finish and to not get hurt...mission accomplished on day 1 :)

Next up was Bryce's GP race. It's always hard to watch the boys race during the Enduros but getting an up close look at how fast and talented the pro guys are was pretty sweet Saturday afternoon.

We both had a great time and got all warmed up for the big race on Sunday.

We even got to hang out with Bryce's good friend Billy Innis. Long story short, Tingle had a 2hr phone convo with him last fall when Bryce left his phone in CO while we were racing in TX. So great to finally meet the guy and actually know who the dude racing in all pink was...priceless.

Sunday was the big day. I got the opportunity to race on the same row as my friends Mandy and Nicole and we had an absolute blast. Obviously finishing and not getting hurt are always a priority, but my biggest goal for this race was to make each of the time checks. It definitely wasn't easy but I made it!

Not only did the 3 lovely ladies have great races, but so did the boys. Bryce took home a top 20 with over 400 racers and all our other TX and CO friends pull out some great results as well. It was a long drive home Sunday evening but after a few cat naps on the road, we finally made it safe and sound. Another great weekend in the books!

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