Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Fun Stuff!

We went to the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit banquet on Saturday evening where we got to catch up with all of Bryce's moto friends. They even used his picture on one of the race's trophies!!! What a rockstar :)

We've also been super busy working on the we will be for the rest of our lives...

The bar is finally built and ready to have the granite mounted. We also got the pendent lights hung for a great added finish.

The bamboo is also on it's way! The first couple rows in the living room are positioned and we plan on getting a few more cranked out each night this upcoming week.

The best part of the house is finally starting to take shape as well. I got all the bikes hung up and a few things organized. Next step is to get the old appliances sold and out of there so we can finally park both vehicles in it!

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