Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun times on the bicycle!

Since the running has been non existent for over a year and my hatred for the pool has grown significantly, I've been spending lots of hours on the bike and loving every second of it.

We've been having some amazing weather so it's not hard to get motivated to go play in the snow/sunshine. Friday afternoon Tom and I went up the Canyon and over Poorman's on the mountain bikes. It was soooooo nice!

Tom really wanted some prime blog space so he took this wonderful pic of himself. Happy Tommy T?!?!

Saturday was another fun day in the saddle with Miss Tingle. We needed to ride long on the road so we decided to go out to Berthoud and see the boys at the moto track!

We made a few detours getting out there but definitely had some pretty good laughs and ideas for that matter. Don't be surprised if you hear of a 'Giant Compound' with a moto/bmx/mtb/running track, a 4 lane swimming and a little bed and breakfast in the near future. Guess that's what happens when you ride on country roads for 4.5hrs!!!

Pictures courtesy of Cherry Tingle's XXX should have seen the pics she had to delete to take these! WOW :)

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