Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day in the mountains

After a great spin on the trainers, Bryce and I drove up to his house in Edwards, CO (just outside Vail), to spend Turkey Day with his family.

They live in Singletree - just across the highway from Beaver Creek and right on a rockin' golf course.

We took his beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog 'Bosco' out for several walks which was super fun. Since the golf course is closed for the year, he got to run around all over it and roll around in the snow.

Since the Binghams were vegetarian's for 20 years, they continue the tradition of eating 'Nut Loaf' every Thanksgiving. I do have to admit that it lived up to it's reputation of being absolutely delicious, however, this was the first time I have not eaten a big greasy turkey for my yearly feast :)

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